King Tides Are Coming Back to the Oregon Coast! 

Oregon King Tides on the Coast

Oregon’s majestic King Tide season is right around the corner! This natural phenomenon is a stunning sight to behold, but precautions should be taken to observe the powerful tides safely and from a distance. The next sequences are set to hit the shores November 24-26, December 22-24, and January 20-22, 2023. 

Here’s what you need to know about the King Tides: 

What is a King Tide? 

The Kings Tides refer to the three highest tide sequences of the year. These exceptionally high tides occur when the orbit and alignment of the Earth, moon and sun combine to pull on the Earth’s oceans. The higher-than-normal tide combined with heavy winds and storms can cause coastal flooding and waves as high as 35 feet!  

Where to See the King Tides? 

  • – Haystack Rock – North Coast 
  • – Seaside Promenade – North Coast 
  • – The Spouting Horn, Seal Rock and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area – Central Coast 
  • – Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor – South Coast 
  • – Dine with a view at Fathoms, located on the 10th floor of the Inn at Spanish Head in Lincoln City. 

Remember, Stay Safe on Your Adventures!

Although an incredible sight, we recommend viewing the King Tides with caution.  

Here are a few safety tips: 

  • – Always check the tide times and prepare for inclement weather. 
  • – Watch for sneaker waves and never turn your back on the ocean. 
  • – View from a distance. 
  • – Wear closed-toed shoes and take caution if walking on jetties or rocks as they can be slippery. 

You can learn more about this year’s King Tides series, as well as find a tide map with King Tide predictions here.  

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